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Unique Grilling Styles for Tandoors

unique grilling styles

There are a wide range of tandoor grilling techniques and methods. As you search for different Indian grilling methods you will find options ranging from the most basic charcoal grills to your more advanced custom built grills & outdoor tandoor ovens. Tandoor grilling is an enjoyable hobby and as you explore your options for unique grilling styles you will find there are ways to take your cooking to new levels in a tandoor oven.

Our line of Homdoors provide a unique Indian cooking option that most people are not aware of. You will surprise your family and friends with this unique Indian barbecue grill style and the results in taste will truly amaze your guests. Tandoor cooking, or vertical barbecuing, has its own unique grilling style which has ancient roots and a simple concept, but produces wonderfully exotic results including smoky flatbreads along with roasted fish and meats of uncommon juiciness. Vertical barbecuing in a tandoori barbecue grill is a healthy, low-fat and fun way to cook meats, poultry, seafood and the irresistible bread known as ‘naan,’ which is slapped onto the wall of the Homdoor and completely baked to perfection in 90 seconds.

Indian Barbecue Grill \ Tandoori Barbecue Grill

This Indian barbecue grill can be used throughout all seasons of the year. A tandoor oven or tandoori barbecue grill cooks food quickly, while allowing meat and poultry to remain moist. Vertical barbecuing in an Indian barbecue grill allows food to soak up marinades and flavors like a traditional grill would. You can cook any meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetable on skewers that hang vertically inside the tandoor. This tandoori barbecue grill is a unique entertaining piece for family and friends, just like a traditional backyard grill. One of the great perks of this unique grilling style is, it is a low-fat and healthy way to cook. In fact, most meals are done cooking within just a few minutes. Select any of your favorite tandoori recipes and you will not be disappointed with the results from any of the residential tandoor grills from Hōmdoor.

Your friends will want to help cook in the Hōmdoor tandoor oven. Itʼs also the perfect grill for vegetarians, offering a large variety of ways to easily prepare meatless dishes. The Hōmdoor is available in charcoal, propane or gas. On all gas versions, the burner can easily be removed should you want to try charcoal as well. We have a large line of unique grilling options available which include indoor & outdoor residential Tandoor grilling and indoor & outdoor commercial Tandoor ovens. You can click the links below to see our available grilling tools:

Residential Indoor & Outdoor Tandoor Indian Cooking Grills / Ovens
Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Tandoor Indian Cooking Grills / Ovens

If you have questions about this unique grilling style contact us and we will be happy to assist. We are excited to know you located this unique cooking style and look forward to helping you take your tandoor grilling options to a new level.