Professional Home Tandoori Accessories Accessories for Residential Tandoors

Hōmdoor’s professional residential tandoors bring the joy of authentic Indian cooking and the excitement of traditional tandoori grilling to the home chef. Perfect for cooking naan bread or grilling classic American cuisine, our residential tandoor accessories help novice grillers and professional chefs alike make the most of their tandoor ovens.

Our tandoor oven accessories are designed to help make home tandoori cooking easy, safe and fun for the whole family. That is why every Homdoor tandoor oven comes with an all-cotton gaddi pad, six stainless-steel skewers with hard wood handles, a pair of stainless-steel bread tools, a grate for charcoal and lava rocks, and a lid with a wooden handle.

The only proper way to cook traditional naan is in a clay oven on a vertical surface —and Hōmdoor’s naan bread tools make cooking naan a breeze. In addition to gaddi pads and skewers, our essential point-and-shoot infrared laser thermometer provides a precise read of the tandoor’s inner walls, guaranteeing your home tandoor is at the correct temperature to make perfect naan, every time.

Made in the United States and designed to fit Hōmdoor’s stainless-steel residential tandoori ovens, our Weathermax80 waterproof fabric is the perfect combination of durability, breathability and water repellence that keeps our residential tandoors safe from the elements.

To ensure you have the right tools for your next home grilling adventure, all of our residential tandoor accessories, including our natural gas and propane gas burners, Weathermax80 waterproof fabric cover and infrared laser thermometer, can be purchased separately.