Tandoor Ovens for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens Commercial Tandoors and Accessories

Hōmdoor has provided restaurants and commercial kitchens with American-made professional tandoori ovens for more than 40 years. Our clay ovens are at the centerpiece of kitchens across the country, elevating the creation of authentic Indian delicacies and innovative fusion cuisines with traditional tandoori grilling.

Our commercial tandoors are made from naturally occurring, locally mined clays and contain no added chemicals or coatings. Fired at 2,000°F, Hōmdoor’s clay ovens are not only perfectly sized and shaped, but stand up to the rigors of commercial use. Each tandoori oven is coated on the outside with a proprietary cast-on insulation, which ensures a consistent internal temperature while keeping the exterior relatively cool.

Our pre-fired professional clay ovens are available in a simple clay shell form and an insulated, no-steel form, both of which are ideal for dropping into an existing installation or for commercial kitchens looking to install a permanent tandoor. We also offer a free-standing, NSF-approved commercial tandoor that is self-contained, beautifully designed and encased in high-grade stainless steel.

Designed to meet the needs of the busy restaurant environment, Hōmdoor’s large commercial tandoors are available in a CSA-approved gas configuration with a pilot light and safety shut-off valve, and also in a traditional charcoal system.