Tandoor Catering Oven for Professional Chefs Catering Tandoor

Smartly designed for the demands of mobile catering businesses, Hōmdoor’s catering tandoor is more than just a clay oven on wheels. Ideal for large parties and events, our professional catering tandoor exceeds even our highest standards.

Easier to move than our other commercial tandoors, Hōmdoor’s portable tandoori oven is a favorite of catering professionals and mobile chefs. Its oversized wheels ensure easy maneuverability even over tough terrain, and its large tubular handles provide an easy grip for loading and unloading on location.

While our professional catering tandoor is typically purchased for commercial use, our catering tandoor is occasionally purchased for residential use. Heavier than our stainless-steel residential tandoor, our catering tandoor is perfect for the home chef who regularly hosts large parties and events for 50-plus guests.

As with all of Hōmdoor’s clay ovens, our catering tandoor is made with the highest-quality materials, including pre-heated natural clay, high-tech insulation and kitchen-grade stainless steel, to deliver unrivaled performance and durability on the move.