Tandoor Ovens for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens Accessories for Commercial Tandoors

Hōmdoor’s professional commercial tandoors and accessories have helped introduce Indian and other exotic cuisines to adventurous diners from coast to coast. Our commercial tandoori accessories are as high-quality as our ovens and provide professional chefs the tools they need to create incredible dining experiences.

Every Hōmdoor commercial oven comes with a pair of stainless steel bread tools and an all-cotton gaddi pad, as well as 12 stainless-steel skewers and a tandoori lid. More of these and other tandoori accessories, such as our two-ring commercial natural gas burner and our commercial tandoor grates, can also be purchased separately to meet your commercial kitchen’s specific needs.

Also, with a temperature range of -76°F to 1022°F, our point-and-shoot infrared laser thermometer ensures a precise wall temperature at every reading, which helps professional chefs maintain ideal internal temperatures throughout service.