Tandoor Ovens for the Home Residential Tandoors

Hōmdoor’s residential tandoors take home grilling to the next level. Ideal for the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine, delicious flatbreads and a whole host of tantalizing new recipes, our professional tandoori ovens will have your friends and family coming back for more than just the food. Tandoori cooking at its heart is interactive and fun, and a tandoor can turn any party into an active dining experience that everyone enjoys.

Handcrafted in Ohio and made in the USA, Hōmdoor residential tandoors are built with only the highest-quality materials. Our natural clay ovens and innovative insulation elevates our home tandoors to restaurant-quality perfection. Designed specifically for the home chef, Hōmdoor’s clay ovens easily accommodate enough food for 12 – and can serve up to 20 people.

With high-grade stainless-steel exteriors, 10-inch wheels for easy mobility, a locking front caster for stability, and professional tools and accessories, our stainless steel home tandoors are tailor-made for backyard use. Our residential tandoors come with handles meant not only to ease mobility, but also to provide the perfect place for hanging skewers that are ready to be cooked or hanging cooked skewers to cool.

Our custom residential tandoors are also ideal for outdoor spaces, and can be permanently installed in both new and existing kitchens. Both tandoori options are available in charcoal, propane or natural gas configurations, and our gas home tandoors can easily be converted to charcoal.