Residential Tandoor Ovens Custom Tandoor Ovens

While Hōmdoor’s professional tandoori ovens are the perfect size for fun family gatherings and lively neighborhood get-togethers, we understand that “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t always apply to personal design aesthetics. That is why we offer tandoor ovens for the home that can be custom-installed in nearly any indoor or outdoor kitchen.

The beauty of Hōmdoor’s custom tandoor ovens is that they can be built simply and inexpensively, or as grand as you like. Whether you prefer a modern look, a rustic design or something in between, Hōmdoor’s custom tandoors can be built to match your existing décor, incorporated into a new kitchen or artfully-designed to stand alone. To accommodate a range of configurations, from cozy fire pits to full modern kitchens, our custom home tandoors come in charcoal, propane and natural gas configurations — all of which can be installed to your specifications.

Accessories and Installation

Hōmdoor’s custom tandoor ovens come with everything you need to cook tantalizing Indian cuisine in the comfort of your own home, including a grate, clean-out door, skewers, bread tools, gaddi pad and lid.

While all of our custom clay ovens are preheated and come with an outside layer of high-tech insulation, our custom home tandoors require a non-flammable installation. Please see our custom installation page or contact us for more information.