Tandoor Ovens for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens Commercial Tandoors and Accessories

Professional, streamlined and beautifully designed, Hōmdoor’s NSF-approved commercial tandoors elevate classic tandoori cuisine in restaurants across the country. Our high-quality tandoor ovens for restaurants and commercial kitchens are built specifically with the professional chef in mind. Capable of meeting the demands of a busy service, Hōmdoor’s commercial tandoors and accessories facilitate 50-plus plates per turn.

To further strengthen our commercial clay ovens, Hōmdoor’s American-made restaurant tandoors are fired at 2,000 degrees. Our tandoori ovens are protected with an outside layer of high-tech, cast-on insulation, which helps to keep high internal temperatures consistent and reliable throughout service.

Hōmdoor’s stainless-steel commercial tandoors with NSF approval meet sanitation standards required for restaurant and commercial kitchens. In addition to our charcoal system, all of our professional restaurant tandoors are available in a CSA-approved gas configuration with a pilot light and safety shut-off valve.