• Introducing


    We offer a full line of commercial, built-to-last, Made in the USA tandoors that can fill any of your professional needs. From a restaurant to a wedding, our tandoors can help you create the meals and events that your customers will remember.


    For The Professional Chef


    These tandoors are designed for your commercial needs: Taftoons for Afghani cooking, Catering Tandoors for parties anywhere, Custom Installed for your already existing installation, or the NSF Self-Contained for the easiest of installations.
  • Introducing


    Same size clay tandoor inside, but with a new outfit. It’s streamlined design is cost effective and requires little assembly. Have fun cooking your favorite dinners with your family and friends.

    Introductory price $999.00

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  • A Tandoori Grill for the home


    From Indian recipes to American classics, the Hōmdoor tandoori grill lets you prepare a wide variety of foods with out-of-this-world flavor.


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  • The BBQ Grill


    The Hōmdoor tandoori barbecue heats to 650°F allowing food to quickly cook and sear while remaining moist, tender, and infused with flavors of the grill and marinades.


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  • Have yours


    Design it your way. With our custom installation Hōmdoors you can incorporate a tandoori oven into your new or existing indoor/outdoor kitchen plans. Select from our charcoal, propane, or natural gas models.


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