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100% Clay Pot Interior

Strength and durability needed for perfect cooking experience

Utility Handles

Designed to hold skewers and easy steering

Stainless Steel

Highest Quality, Kitchen Grade

Adjustable Vent Door

Control Air Flow

10" Hard Rubber Wheels

Allows great mobility over most terrain

Tandoor Grilling Ideas

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Hōmdoor Residential & Commercial Tandoor Ovens

The Hōmdoor tandoori oven is ideal for family meals, parties and home entertaining. Vertical barbecuing in residential tandoor ovens is a healthy, low-fat and fun way to cook meats, poultry, seafood and the irresistible bread known as ‘naan’, which is slapped onto the wall of the Hōmdoor residential tandoor oven and completely baked to perfection in 90 seconds. Expand your boundaries, impress your friends, and enter the world of the Hōmdoor tandoor, an innovative new way to barbecue at home. You’ll be everyone’s new favorite host or hostess, and definitely the talk of the town. The Hōmdoor home tandoor is also perfect for everyday home cooking and it's fast, easy, and convenient!

Additionally, we also sell Hōmdoor commercial tandoors for commercial dining, and restaurateurs can utilize our NSF approved restaurant tandoor ovens which come with a gas burner with a pilot light and safety shut off valve that are CSA (charcoal system approved). Both our commercial and residential tandoor ovens are 100% American made and are unrivaled in quality and durability.

Our home tandoor customers enjoy the adventure of cooking in tandoori ovens and being able to make some of the foods that they are familiar with but have not been able to cook before now. Our tandoori oven customers can grill many varied indian-styled recipes, including tandoori steak, chicken kabob, naan, pickled mushrooms, tandoori shrimp, and lobster and fish. Additionally, our customers also find our tandoori oven products easy to clean and entertaining to use. Residential and commercial tandoor cooking is an exciting, unique way of bringing exotic flavors into your home and kitchen!

The BBQ Grill
The Hōmdoor tandoor oven barbecue heats hot enough to allow foods to cook quickly and sear while remaining moist, tender, and infused with flavors of the grill and marinades.