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Homdoor Tandoor Oven Lighting

For Charcoal Hōmdoor

  • Place 2lbs of charcoal onto the grate inside the clay pot. (Do not exceed 2lbs.)
  • Open vents in combustion drawer and keep the lid open.
  • Crumple 3-4 full sheets of newspaper and place in combustion drawer.
  • Close the drawer and light the paper through the vents with a long match or bbq lighter.
  • When all the charcoal is lit, after about 20 minutes (internal heat around 600 deg), partially close the vents and partially cover the mouth of the Hōmdoor with the lid. Flame is controlled by the air coming in through the vents and out through the top. The greater the airflow, the greater the combustion/temperature.
  • When the temperature starts to drop, another pound of charcoal can carefully be added.

For Propane Hōmdoor

  • Connect hose to burner and 20 lb propane tank.
  • Place 2 layers of ceramic briquettes (supplied) to cover the entire grate.
  • Pull out combustion drawer with burner just enough to access the burner tips.
  • Keep the lid partially open.
  • Turn on gas at the tank and open the valve on the hose.
  • With the drawer pulled open, light burner at the tips using a long stem barbecue lighter.
  • When the burner is ignited, push drawer back into Hōmdoor, ensuring that all burner tips are ignited.
  • Adjust heat by using the gas valve and the lid.

For Natural Gas Hōmdoor

  • You need a licensed plumber to connect Hōmdoor to gas line.
  • Use flexible hose to allow drawer to open.