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About Hōmdoor And the History of Tandoori Ovens

The Hōmdoor tandoori oven was developed by Ron Levy, the original American producer of commercial tandoori ovens and the most trusted name in tandoori oven manufacturing in the country. Tandoori grills by Ron Levy has been in business since 1976.

Although most associate tandoor grills with Indian food, the Hōmdoor is also uniquely suited to American style barbecue: steaks, chicken, hot dogs, even corn on the cob. It‘s uncomplicated, fast, tasty, exotic, and with just a little attention, almost foolproof. Plus, it‘s just plain fun.

Tandoori Grill Origins

The origin of Hōmdoor tandoori grills date back to 1980 when Ron Levy was living in New York City, making his first restaurant tandoori ovens. Since then, Levy has sold more than 3,000 restaurant tandoors. There are restaurant tandoors in almost every state in the country as well as in many overseas locations. Levy is an innovator in bringing modern ceramic technology to a method of cooking that is thousands of years old. As the first American to make tandoors by hand in the United States, Levy has been repeatedly asked when he would begin manufacturing a home tandoori grill.

Restaurant Tandoors & the Rise of Popularity in Indian Food

Indian cuisine, once found mostly in private homes and just a handful of restaurants, has recently gained immense popularity and has now become an integral part of both eating in and dining out across the country. In the United States, tandoori chicken is becoming a household name, and naan bread is now sold in most grocery stores. Because of this newfound popularity and interest in exotic foods, Levy teamed up with a clay manufacturer who could meet the quality and clay specifications needed to match Levy’s superior quality restaurant tandoors along with a stainless-steel fabricating shop to create this top-of–the-line home tandoor.

The Hōmdoor company recipe for success brings together a quality product incorporating proven tandoori ovens with beautiful design, functionality, unparalleled workmanship and outstanding customer service. We’ve invited several world famous chefs, including Madhur Jaffrey and Steven Raichlen, to test, taste, and enjoy the food from the Hōmdoor.