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Residential Grills

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Residential Tandoor Grills

Residential Tandoor Grills

Residential Tandoori Grills

The Hōmdoor (pronounced home door) is a restaurant tandoor grill that is designed for home use.

The Hōmdoor comes with all of the tools you will need to make wonderful tandoori grilled foods: 6 stainless-steel skewers, a gaddi pad (used to slap stretched dough against the hot Hōmdoor walls to make naan), and a pair of stainless-steel bread tools to take the naan off the wall of the Hōmdoor. The Hōmdoor is beautiful, portable, functional, and adaptable: the perfect top-of-the-line tool for the perfect meal.

Our customers love being able to cook many varied breads in residential tandoors. Everyone enjoys the adventure of cooking in residential tandoor grills. They also love being able to make some of the foods that they are familiar with but have not been able to cook before now. Tandoori cooking brings exotic flavors into their homes. They find it easy to clean and entertaining to use. Parties are fun and lively. Everyone loves to try to slap the dough onto the wall of the hot tandoor. It’s a very dynamic, exciting experience.

The handcrafted Hōmdoor is 100% American-made. It consists of a cylindrical belly, called the tandoor, which is made of clay that has been heated to 2,000 degrees (making it strong and sanitary) with an outside layer of high-tech, baked-on insulation that allows the tandoor to heat to high temperatures while keeping the exterior relatively cool. The Hōmdoor tandoor grill is encased in high-quality stainless steel, which is perfect for outdoor use. Two of the three wheels of residential tandoors are ten inches in diameter, making it easy to move around even on uneven ground surfaces. You can choose from a selection of stainless steel or custom-installed residential tandoor ovens; each option is available in charcoal, propane, or natural gas. The gas Hōmdoor tandoor grill can easily be converted to charcoal as well.

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