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Homdoor Tandoor Oven Care


  • For outdoor use only.
  • Never pour flammable liquids directly into a lit oven.
  • Do not pre-soak the charcoal with additional lighter fluid.
  • Do not pour water into a hot oven to extinguish the fire.
  • When in use, and cooling from use, do not touch the inside oven wall, the outside stainless steel, or the metal of the skewers without an oven mitt, as they are very hot and will severely burn your skin.
  • When in use, please keep children away from the Hōmdoor.
  • Wait for the Hōmdoor to completely cool before cleaning.
  • Use a stiff brush to clean clay pot; never use water or any liquid.
  • Empty charcoal ashes from combustion drawer between each use.
  • Use any stainless-steel cleaner to clean the stainless surface.
  • The clay pot of the Hōmdoor may crack. Cracking of the clay pot is natural, due to the stress of high temperatures. It is not a structural concern. You can continue to use your Hōmdoor for many years even though it may develop cracks.


  • Always cover with the lid and be sure the drawer is closed after using.
  • Do not subject to direct rain, snow, sleet, or ice.
  • Storing it outside in a protected area is fine.
  • Build up heat slowly after the Hōmdoor has been stored or has been subjected to moisture.