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Specifications - Homdoor Tandoor Ovens

Hōmdoor Basic Specs

Body: Painted US Steel
Wheels: 4-2.5” castors
Insulation: High temperature insulation blanket
Clay pot: Hand-crafted, pre-fired to 2,000°F
Fuel: Charcoal
Lid: Aluminum
Rim: Spun stainless steel

Hōmdoor Basic Dimensions

Height: 23.5” includes castors
Outside diameter: 24” including handles
Inside Belly of Clay Pot: 16”
Inside Diameter of Mouth: 13.5”
Height of Clay Pot: 16”
Cleanout Door: 4”h x 6”w

Hōmdoor Original Specs

Weight: 165 lbs/charcoal, 175 lbs/gas
Stainless Steel chassis
Clay Pot: hand-crafted, pre-fired to 2,000°F
Insulation: light weight, cast-able, heated and bonded onto the clay pot
Two 10-inch wheels and 1 lockable front caster 3 ½ diameter
Body: High Quality Stainless Steel
Fuel: Charcoal, propane, or natural gas
Lid: aluminum
Gas burner: 100,000 BTU burner

Hōmdoor Original Dimensions

Height: 32 inches
Diameter with handle: 26 1/2 inches
Diameter Wheel base: 28 inches
Inside diameter (at belly) of clay pot: 16 inches
Inside diameter (at mouth) of clay pot: 13 inches
Height of clay pot: 16 inches