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Skewering - Preparing Authentic Indian Food

skewering 1

1.) Skewer beef through the thickest and longest part of the cut.

skewering 2

2.) For thicker fillets of fish skewer along the length of the fillet and in the thickest part.

skewering 3

3.) For thinner fillets of fish cut into smaller pieces and skewer each piece forming a ‘stack’ of pieces.

skewering 4

4.) To skewer giant prawns try to go through both the tail and head of each. This helps to keep them in place.

skewering 5

5.) Cut corn into sections makes it easier to skewer but you can also skewer a whole ear of corn.

skewering 6

6.) Choose your favorite vegetables, cut them into pieces and stack them on the skewer or skewer entire vegetables such as red peppers, squash, eggplant, etc.