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How To Stuff Naan - Authentic Indian Cooking Recipes

how to stuff naan 1

1.) Sprinkle a little flour on your work space. Knead and flatten the dough into a circle.

how to stuff naan 2

2.) Take a small handful of grated cheese and place it in the center.

how to stuff naan 3

3.) Holding the cheese down with your thumbs, carefully pull the side of the dough up and over the cheese.

how to stuff naan 4

4.) Use your thumbs to keep as much of the cheese in as possible.

how to stuff naan 5

5.) Completely cover the cheese with the dough.

how to stuff naan 6

6.) Pinch along the seem to seal the cheese in the dough

how to stuff naan 7

7.) Carefully push down the dough taking care not to tear it.

how to stuff naan 8

8.) With your hands flatten the dough to make a round or teardrop shape.

how to stuff naan 9

9.) Use a roller to thin the dough out further. It’s okay to have a few small areas of cheese exposed but try to keep the dough over as much as possible.

how to stuff naan 10

10.) Using the gaddi pad, slap the naan onto the side of the Homdoor oven. Precede with steps for cooking naan in the oven.

how to stuff naan 11

11.) Remove cooked stuffed naan.

how to stuff naan 12

12.) Cut cheese naan into pieces and serve.