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How To Cook Naan - Authentic Indian Cooking Recipes

how to cook naan 1

1.) Sprinkle a little flour on your work space and begin to knead the dough

how to cook naan 2

2.) Flatten the dough out into rounds.

how to cook naan 3

3.) Take care not to over flour the outside of the dough as you will need it to be a little sticky to cling to the walls of the Homdoor.

how to cook naan 4

4.) Making parsley naan by adding parsley

how to cook naan 5

5.) Place a round onto the gaddi pad.

how to cook naan 6

6.) Holding onto the back of the gaddi pad, place or ‘slap’ the dough onto the side of the Homdoor wall.

how to cook naan 7

7.) You may place multiple breads along the wall.

how to cook naan 8

8.) Remove the naan with the spatula and hook. Use the hook to poke the bread and the spatula to separate the naan from the wall and push it down the hook.

how to cook naan 9

9.) Once you’ve hooked the bread, pull it out of the oven.

how to cook naan 10

10.) You may place the bread on the outer rim of the Homdoor to cool.

how to cook naan 11

11.) Remove parsley naans from the oven first so the greens don’t burn.

how to cook naan 12

12.) Voila!