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Hōmdoor Tandoor Grill Sale

Tandoori Oven Sale

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We are extending our grill sale! Our tandoori grills will give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique grilling experience. "Though most associate the tandoor with Indian food, the Hōmdoor is also uniquely suited to American-style barbeque – steaks, chicken, hot dogs, even corn on the cob,” says Levy. If you are looking for a great tandoori oven sale this is the one. “It’s uncomplicated, fast, tasty, exotic, and with just a little attention, almost fool proof. Plus it’s just plain fun.”

Check out the tandoori grills on sale in our Grill Sale and save $150!

In addition to our great tandoori oven sale we offer a selection of tandoori grills for both residential and commercial use. Our high rated grills are made from quality clay, stainless-steel and manufactured in the USA. All our commercial tandoori grills are NSF and ETL certified.

High Quality Residential Tandoori Grills

High Quality Commercial Tandoori Grills

Short Excerpt from a Recent Grilling Interview

Question: What do your customers love about it?

"Everyone enjoys the adventure of cooking in a tandoor. Our customers love being able to cook many varied breads in the tandoor. They also love being able to make some of the foods that they are familiar with but have not been able to cook before this. Tandoori cooking brings exotic flavors into their homes. They find it easy to clean and entertaining to use. Parties are fun and lively. Everyone loves to try to slap the dough onto the wall of the hot tandoor. It’s a very dynamic, exciting experience."